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SDV Interiors is led by Dr Sacha DeVelle, who works with a team of dedicated design professionals and sub contractors.


Sacha has lived and worked in Australia, Dubai, Europe, Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa and the United Kingdom. Her passion for interior design, art and fashion has been heavily influenced by those experiences. She is certified in Prince 2 Project Management, and studied interior design at the KLC School of Design (Chelsea, London).

Sacha was the Heritage Officer for the Royal Kings Park Tennis Club 2016-2018 and the West Australian Branch Manager for the Design Institute of Australia (DIA) 2019-2020. She has worked for Bedshed and Oroton and has provided interior design services to the commercial and residential sectors for a number of years. 

Sacha loves to transform spaces into places of beauty and functionality.

Most importantly, the finished product should evoke relaxation, beauty, inspiration and conversation.



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