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Rooftop Design Series 19 Oct 2023

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Welcome to our first Rooftop Design event series being held on Thursday 19th October 2023 from 6-8pm in the heart of Claremont. We start with the question 'What makes good design?' and a focus on European and Latin American design across architecture, interiors and fashion. We discuss how and where these influences can fit within the West Australian design landscape and encourage the audience to contribute towards this discussion.

You can read about our three speakers below.

Tickets available via Eventbrite and a glass of Champagne and appetisers on arrival.

You can read about our three speakers below.


Presenter 1: Kai von Ahlefeld

Title: The Freedom of Temporary Design: A View from Paris

Kai von Ahlefeld’s early career started as a fashion designer and professor at Parsons School of Design in Paris. In 1999 Kai founded uberraum: an international design and production agency. Uberraum specialises in 3D virtual concepts, installations and filming for high-end fashion, luxury items and interior design. Kai has spent the last 20 years delivering stunning concepts for Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Dom Perignon, Diane von Furstenburg, Lacoste and other luxury brands.

When not working, he’s cooking at his Paris-based kitchen/apartment, Kai’s Kitchen Paris, that has won international acclaim for its inspirational modern design. In 2019, he founded the Perth branch of uberraum.

Kai will discuss the freedom of temporary design from a luxury brand perspective.

Presenter 2: Dr Sacha DeVelle


Uruguayan Interior Design: The Role of Nature on the Built Environment

Sacha DeVelle is an Interior Designer who studied with the KLC School of Design in London. She has a particular interest in the role of landscape and sea on the residential design process. Her recent return to Uruguay looks at how the more affluent communities of Garzón and José Ignacio continue to develop architectural styles and interiors that merge nature with the built environment.

Uruguay’s historical European influences and contemporary architectural designs show why this small Latin American country of 3.6 million inhabitants is making waves in the design world.

Heavily influenced by the Atlantic coast and the undulating hills of the Uruguayan countryside, the focus is on the natural setting. From an interiors perspective socialising and relaxation are key to the ambience, maximised by the external views and blending of new and old materials. Sacha will discuss some of the key Uruguayan designers and architects working in this space, together with European product and local artist influences. Recent photography and videos will showcase the influence of nature on contemporary Uruguayan architecture and design, and how those influences can transfer to a West Australian environment.

Presenter 3: Dr Annette Condello

Title: Sustainable luxury in architecture and design: From Mexico to Perth

Annette is an academic at Curtin University’s School of Design and Built Environment and has been teaching architecture and design for over a decade. She was appointed as the Director International, Director of Graduate Research and Architecture Course Coordinator.

Annette will discuss how the goal of sustainable luxury is significant for the design and construction of new buildings and that we should rescue and reuse local materials. She has been a recipient of a Mexican Government Research Fellowship at the National University of Mexico and contributed to the 14thVenice Architecture Biennale. She collaborated with the Pier Luigi Nervi Association and ComuniArch agency, Italy, and co-curated an exhibition at QV1 in Perth. Annette has published The Architecture of Luxury (Routledge), co-edited and authored Sustainable Lina: Lina Bo Bardi’s Adaptive Reuse Projects (Springer), Pier Luigi Nervi and Australia: Outback Modernism (Black Swan Press) and Building Around Architecture: Francesco Venezia Outside the Mainstream (AMAG).

Annette organized the “Perth Brutal” Symposium with The Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA) and curated the x-PENSIVE LUXURY exhibition at the Perth Town Hall. Owing to her research on indigenous luxury in Coober Pedy, she was invited by the Australian Opal Association to discuss the future of consumption in Lightning Ridge. She also served as International Juror for The Arts of Fashion Foundation in Marrakech, which contributed to her multi-disciplinary teaching and research, including StudioKO’s crafting of luxury within the YSL Museum and the ETRO Italian luxury brand, concerning fashion’s sustainability challenges. Belgium practice ROTOR architects invited Annette to present her work at the DECONSTRUCTION Symposium on off-site reuse at TU Delft, The Netherlands. She has also taken part at many international symposia, invited as keynote speaker numerous times at both Italian and Latin American universities, including the UIA to represent Australasia to talk at the 10th World Urban Forum organized by the United Nations Habitat in Abu Dhabi on “sustainable luxury and architecture”. She co-organised an online global colloquium on “Rebuilding ‘Unnatural Horizons’ at Iwanai”, Hokkaido, with DICATAM at the University of Brescia (Italy) and with NEOPLA Architect & Associates (Japan). Annette’s current research project explores the relation between Italy and Japan.


Event contact details

Tickets via Eventbrite

Enquiries 048 737 3494 email:

Venue Rooftop Essence Building 5 Shenton Rd, Claremont 6010 Entrance via Lobby C

Thursday 19th October 2023 from 6-8pm


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