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Setting the Scene: The Interior Design Process

Updated: 5 days ago

The interior design process can be a long road, from initial consultation, measure, concept and planning steps to the choice of furniture, lighting, artwork and final staging. One of our most enjoyable roles is sourcing the right piece for a particular project, and to do this we need to keep abreast of what is available, what is new and what catches the eye. Yes, this can be timeconsuming, however it is an imperative part of running the business. This week we focus on the stunning artwork ' 'Marilyn Crying Star' by Russell Young at Gullotti Galleries in Cottesloe, and the eye catching Pipe armchair for Moroso, designed by Sebastian Herkner and seen at Mobilia, also in Cottesloe. Finally, we showcase our beloved Cottesloe Beach, providing continuous inspiration and always there when you need her...

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